Ty Forehand has lived in the Hampton Road’s region his entire life, so his love for water and nature was inevitable.  As a young boy his parents would take the family to the beach every weekend and the foundation for his love of the ocean and surfing would begin to take shape and grow rapidly from there.  It was not until he was at a place in his life where there was a lot of uncertainty before he touched a paintbrush.  Unfamiliar with any form of painting techniques, or any background in art for that matter, he decided to let down his guard and just create.  It was a form of therapy and escaping from the strains of being an individual without a definite direction in life.  Through creating paintings and guidance from someone special in his life he was able to get on to a path where he is today, a college graduate with a bachelor’s in Fine Arts from Old Dominion University.

Recently, Ty has incorporated his love for creating and his passion for surfing together.  He finds a sense of peace and total solitude while out on the water, the same that he gets when he is immersed in a piece he is doing, so the combining of the two was just a natural fit.  This has been the basis of the direction that he is currently headed.  Overall, Ty receives inspiration from anything in nature, not only the positive and beautiful aspects but the negative ones as well.  He uses his work to bring awareness to the direction and lack of compassion that humans have for the world around them.  He hopes that his work enables just one person to make a change in themselves, whether it be to go out and enjoy doing something outside and appreciate the positive effects that one can get out of nature or just a small change in a habit that might make nature more beautiful for others to enjoy.


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